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The Human Friendly Workplace 5 – The Power of Purpose in Business

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The Human Friendly Workplace 5 – The Power of Purpose in Business

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The Human Friendly Workplace 5 – The Power of Purpose in Business

Host: Jason Lauritsen

Guest: Kristofor Lofgren, CEO, Sustainable Restaurant Group

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Do you love what you do enough that it doesn’t feel like work? Is pay the #1 reason why people stay or go from their workplaces? In today’s episode we will explore the real power of purpose in business.

“The best people in the world don’t want the safest road to success. The best people in the world want to forge their own path and be amongst a group of individuals who are doing something meaningful and interesting.” – Kristofor Lofgren

In this episode, Jason interviews Kristofor Lofgren, CEO of Sustainable Restaurant Group, the parent company of Bamboo Sushi and Quick Fish–two sustainable fast casual restaurant concepts.

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During today’s conversation with Jason, Kristofor states that, “Doing the right thing is not always the easy way and doing the easy way is not always the right thing to do.” He shares that starting a mission-based company is hard but when you find your purpose and know that you are making a difference, then it no longer feels like work.

In the discussion, Kristofor shares how creating a culture of purpose has helped him to not only attract the most qualified employees, but also to keep them. He also explains that when you treat your employees like adults and show empathy, sympathy, compassion and thoughtfulness; you will have a devoted workforce of leaders.

Today’s episode is being powered by Small Improvements. Small Improvements is a feedback platform that helps employees grow and succeed. From Performance Check-Ins, Goals and 360s, it combines both ongoing and structured feedback to facilitate meaningful development

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