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We’re Only Human 28 – Four Millennial Myths to Avoid

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We’re Only Human 28 – Four Millennial Myths to Avoid

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We’re Only Human 28 – Four Millennial Myths to Avoid

Host: Ben Eubanks

Guest: Kristina Minyard

Listen to the show HERE

Millennials are entitled–they think they need a trophy. Millennials need constant praise and feedback. Millennials can’t survive without technology.

These kinds of conversations happen every day at employers globally. But are they true? Do they reflect reality? In this episode, Ben talks with Kristina Minyard (a fellow Millennial) about some of these and other comments that are directed at Millennials around the world
It’s hard to get through a day today without hearing something about Millennials in the workplace. Recently this demographic group surpassed all others, taking the slot as the largest population in the workplace. In this entertaining and insightful episode, listeners will not only change how they think about Millennials and generations in the workplace–they will also rethink some of the marketing messages they see targeting this group on a daily basis.

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Connect with Kristina on Twitter: http://twitter.com/hrecruit

Learn more about Ben’s new book on how artificial intelligence technologies are changing the face of HR: http:/AIHRBook.com

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