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HR Happy Hour 166- Can I Get A Referral?

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HR Happy Hour 166- Can I Get A Referral?

On September 1, 2013, Posted by , In Employees,Mobile,Recruiting,Referrals, With No Comments


zaoThis week on HR Happy Hour, Steve Boese and I welcomed Ziv Eliraz, Founder and CEO of the social employee referral management platform Zao.com, to talk about the changing and evolving role of technology to power and support employee referral programs.

Listen here.

It’s also available on iTunes – just do a search in the podcasts section for ‘HR Happy Hour’.

While we ALL know that the employee referral is generally cited as the ‘best’ source of hire for external hiring, it is also true that creating, managing, and monitoring these programs has often been an administrative challenge, and keeping employees engaged in the process and referral program can also be a challenge.

Zao helps solve a few of these common challenges, and even if you are not thinking of automating your employee referral process, Ziv shared some ideas and best practices gained from their work with organizations all over the world.

Thanks to Ziv for the time and the insight about the role of technology to empower and extend the classic employee referral program.



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