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HR Happy Hour 182 – People Matter

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HR Happy Hour 182 – People Matter

HR Happy Hour 182 – People Matter (Live from the PeopleMatter Collaborate 2014 Conference)

Recorded Thursday, May 8, 2014

Host: Steve Boese

Guests: Nate DaPore, President & CEO of PeopleMatter, John Sumser, Editor-in-Chief, HRexaminer

Recently the HR Happy Hour Show, recorded a live show from Charleston, South Carolina at the PeopleMatter Collaborate 2014 user conference. Steve sat down with with Nate DaPore, President & CEO of HR technology solution provider PeopleMatter, and John Sumser, Editor of HRexaminer, for a fun and interesting conversation on modern HR technology trends, the advantages for organizations to partner with solution providers that understand their particular industry, and the vibrant and growing city of Charleston, a kind of model for modern workforce development and technology progress.

PeopleMatter is the leading provider of HR technology solutions for hiring, learning, scheduling, and compliance for the hospitality, retail, restaurant, and convenience store verticals. Their technology solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of employees, managers, and even applicants that work in these industries, and have been developed over time to meet the challenges of high turnover, need to rapidly train new hires, and to communicate to a young and diverse workforce using modern tech and mobile devices.

On the show, Nate shared PeopleMatter’s beginnings when a few years ago, it became apparent to him that a massive market category of employers and workers were not being well served (or even being served at all) by the larger, generic, ‘one size fits all’ solutions that had been on the market. From there, PeopleMatter has enhanced their focus on the markets they serve, while ensuring they continue to deliver both a highly functional solution and one that meets the user experience demands of the modern worker. Then, John and Nate talked about the dynamism and growth of Charleston as a new technology hub, and the amazing things that can happen when really smart people congregate in a really amazing city.

You can listen to the show on the show page here or using the widget player below:

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Additionally, you can subscribe to the HR Happy Hour Show on iTunes, or for Android device users, from a free app called Stitcher Radio. In both cases just search for ‘HR Happy Hour’ and add the show to your podcast subscription list.

This was a fun and interesting show, and I hope you check it out. Many thanks to Nate, John, and everyone at PeopleMatter for allowing me and the HR Happy Hour to be a part of Collaborate 2014.

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