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HR Happy Hour 198- What HR Will be Talking About in 2015

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HR Happy Hour 198- What HR Will be Talking About in 2015

hhhHR Happy Hour 198 – What HR Will Be Talking About in 2015 (and some things HR needs to stop talking about)

Recorded Thursday January 8, 2015

Hosts: Trish McFarlaneSteve Boese

For the first HR Happy Hour of 2015, Trish and Steve dug into some of the topics that HR leaders will be talking about in 2015, and hit a few topics that (Steve especially) thinks HR needs to let go of this year.

Loosely based on a post Steve led off the year with, Trish and Steve talked about some of the big 2015 topics in HR – predictive analytics, retention, talent having the upper hand, and HR as marketing. We also hit some of the the things that HR needs to step back from, whether from overuse, lack of success, or simple silliness.

Additionally, Steve was SHOCKED to find out the actual HR people spend at least part of their Sundays having discussions about HR issues on Facebook, Steve made a case for wearing the same outfit to work every day (Trish strongly disagreed), and Steve was unable to pronouce the word ‘ephemeral’.

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Episode 198


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2 Comments so far:

  1. If I can offer a big topic that we are discussing in Australia this year: Human HR – how we integrate values and ethics in to decision making and leadership development. Will most definitely be tuning in to #HRHappyHour in 2015.

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks Vanessa – that is a super idea for a topic on HR Happy Hour! Thanks for checking out the show.

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