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HR Happy Hour 206 – LIVE From Benefitfocus OnePlace 2015

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HR Happy Hour 206 – LIVE From Benefitfocus OnePlace 2015

HR Happy Hour 206 – Live from Benefitfocus OnePlace 2015

Recorded Wednesday March 11, 2015

Hosts: Trish McFarlaneSteve Boese

Guests: Shawn Jenkins,  Shan Fowler

Listen to the show HERE

This week on the HR Happy Hour Show, Steve did a live show from the Benefitfocus OnePlace 2015 event in Orlando, Florida, (Trish was on assignment this week at the Peoplefluent event in Miami).

On the show Steve was joined by Shawn Jenkins, President, CEO, and Co-founder of Benefitfocus and Shan Fowler, Benefitfocus’ Director of Marketplaces. Benefitfocus provides robust, modern, and powerful technologies for the management, communication, and the employee experience with their benefits programs -both for employers as well as carriers and exchange providers.

On the show, Shawn and Shan shared some of the history of Benefitfocus, and how Benefitfocus’ offerings help employers and providers to meet their goals of engaging, educating, and providing the most effective benefits programs for their employees and enrollees.

One of the most important ways that average employees interact with workplace technologies is how they interact with their employer’s benefits technology. From annual open enrollment, to periodic live event type changes, and even in ongoing benefits for health and wellness – these employee experiences are critically important ones, impacting employee’s engagement, well-being, and helping them to take care of themselves and the welfare of their families.

Additionally, Shawn and Shan shared some of the important decision drivers that bring organizations to invest in more robust and powerful benefits technologies than the ones often present in ‘core’ HR systems, and the basic steps that organizations follow to get the new benefits platform up and running in rapid fashion – often in as little as 120 days.

We also lamented again (well, just Steve), about the terrible winter weather, we talked college foootball fan affiliation, and Shan was given the title of ‘Best beard ever for a HR Happy Hour guest’.

You can listen to the show here, or using the widget player below, (Email and RSS subscribers will need to click through, or go to the show direct link)

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As always, you can listen to the current and all the past shows from the archive on the show page here, on our HR Happy Hour website, and by subscribing to the show in podcast form on iTunes, or for Android devices using Stitcher Radio (or your favorite podcast app). Just search the iTunes store or your podcast app for ‘HR Happy Hour’ to add the show to your subscriptions.

This was a great show, and many thanks to Shawn and Shan for being a part of the fun.

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