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HR Happy Hour 215 – Operation Rob Lowe

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HR Happy Hour 215 – Operation Rob Lowe

HR Happy Hour 215 – Operation Rob Lowe

Recorded Wednesday June 10, 2015 at the Globoforce WorkHuman Conference

Hosts: Steve BoeseTrish McFarlane


This week on the show Steve and Trish recorded the HR Happy Hour Show live at the first ever Globoforce WorkHuman Conference in Orlando, Florida. The event was definitely fun, definitely interesting, and definitely different, as it was much less about any specific technology but rather about work, workplaces and people’s relationships with work and their colleagues.

From Improv sessions, to TED-style talks, to what was a (surprisingly to me anyway), really engaging and energetic keynote from actor Rob Lowe – this event left Steve and Trish with plenty to discuss.

So tune in to the show to hear Steve accuse IBM of stealing his ‘Culture-Strategy-Talent Triangle’ concept, Trish then agree with Steve and then reverse the heat and disagree with him at the end, and what Rob Lowe had to say about the secret to building great work teams. Hint: It was more about ‘Talent’ than culture or strategy.

You can listen to the show on the show page HERE, or using the widget player below:

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And of course you can listen to and subscribe to the HR Happy Hour Show on iTunes, or via your favorite podcast app. Just search for ‘HR Happy Hour’ to download and subscribe to the show and you will never miss a new episode.

This was a fun show and a fun event. Many thanks to the folks at Globoforce for having us at the event and definitely check out something from the Rob Lowe filmography this weekend.

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