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HR Happy Hour 272 – Humanizing Employee Background Checks

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HR Happy Hour 272 – Humanizing Employee Background Checks

HR Happy Hour 272 – Humanizing Employee Background Checks

Hosts: Steve BoeseTrish McFarlane

Guest: Brian Monahan, Co-Founder, Inflection

Listen HERE

This week on the HR Happy Hour Show, Steve Boese is joined by Brian Monahan, Co-Founder of Inflection, providers of the innovative employee background check solution GoodHire. GoodHire, named a ‘Top HR Product of 2016’ by Human Resource Executive Magazine, takes a fresh, innovative, and important approach to employee background checks, one that humanizes and democratizes the process, making the process and the data more transparent, and providing candidates and employers better opportunities to engage.

With an incredibly large, (and increasing), amount of candidates in the US having some kind of ‘flag’ or potentially disqualifying item in their backgrounds, the need for employers to better understand these items, and for candidates to provide feedback and context about these events has probably never been more important. With unemployment continuing to fall, and with more and more employers having trouble filling their openings, perhaps it is time to re-think background checking altogether. Brian shares his motivations behind the creation of GoodHire, as well as some perspective and insights on why this new way of looking at candidates is needed now.

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Learn more about GoodHire at www.goodhire.com.

This was a fun and informative show, we hope you like it!

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