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HR Happy Hour 214 – Catching up with QUEsocial

HR Happy Hour 214 – Catching up with QUEsocial Recorded Wednesday June 3, 2015 Hosts: Steve Boese, Trish McFarlane Guest: Josh Schwede, EVP, QUEsocial Listen to the show HERE This week on the show, recorded live from the HireVue Digital Disruption Conference in Park City, Utah, Steve sat down with Josh Schwede, EVP from QUEsocial, named one…

HR Happy Hour 182 – People Matter

HR Happy Hour 182 – People Matter (Live from the PeopleMatter Collaborate 2014 Conference) Recorded Thursday, May 8, 2014 Host: Steve Boese Guests: Nate DaPore, President & CEO of PeopleMatter, John Sumser, Editor-in-Chief, HRexaminer Recently the HR Happy Hour Show, recorded a live show from Charleston, South Carolina at the PeopleMatter Collaborate 2014…

HR Happy Hour 173 – How Data is Changing Recruiting

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HR Happy Hour 173 – How Data is Changing Recruiting Recorded Friday November 22, 2013 Recently, on the HR Happy Hour Show, Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane sat down with Eric Owski, VP of Product Strategy for Bright.com, for an interesting and informative conversation about how data, Big Data really, machine learning, and really sophisticated algorithms are helping organizations better…

HR Happy Hour 166- Can I Get A Referral?

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  This week on HR Happy Hour, Steve Boese and I welcomed Ziv Eliraz, Founder and CEO of the social employee referral management platform Zao.com, to talk about the changing and evolving role of technology to power and support employee referral programs. Listen here. It’s also available on iTunes – just do a…

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