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One asset of H3 HR Advisors is the popular HR Happy Hour Show.  The show is a podcast and web radio show hosted by Steve Boese that focuses on workplace topics and issues like talent management, recruiting, HR technology, social media, leadership, careers, and more. The show is lively, conversational, and challenging at the same time. And it’s also fun, it is a Happy Hour after all!

Since 2009, the HR Happy Hour has welcomed a wide and impressive array of guests – HR leaders, Academics, practitioners, consultants, and authors to talk about the most timely, relevant, and challenging issues impacting work and workplaces today.

You can listen to the show in several ways:

On the show’s home page on BlogTalkRadio – www.blogtalkradio.com/steve-boese

On Apple’s iTunes – just search the iTunes store in the podcast section for ‘HR Happy Hour’

On Android devices using an app called Stitcher radio – just search for ‘HR Happy Hour’.

And we will be posting links and summaries of each show here on the HR Happy Hour site.

You can connect with the show by following HR Happy Hour on Twitter, by liking our Facebook page, or by joining the HR Happy Hour LinkedIn group.

As always, we thank you for your interest in the show!

We are also excited today to share some great news – the official launch of the HR Happy Hour Podcast Network, and the details of the three new shows under the HR Happy Hour umbrella. The HR Happy Hour Show hosts, Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane are thrilled to be joined by such a great lineup of shows and contributors.

Research on the Rocks – Hosted by Madeline Laurano and Mollie Lombardi, Co-founders of Aptitude Research Partners and will focus on the latest developments, trends, and research in talent acquisition and workforce planning and management.

HR Market Watch – Hosted by George LaRocque, Principal Analyst & Founder of #HRWINS which will cover the emerging HR technology space, with a focus on innovative new technology companies and solutions.

We’re Only Human – Hosted by Ben Eubanks, Principal Analyst, Lighthouse Research & Advisory and will highlight how modern technology and new ways of working are creating a more people-centric workplace.


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